Change is in the air!

Yes, changes are coming to The Knitting Doodle website. I have always offered most of the patterns for free, but with ever-rising costs of maintaining a full website, I have to make changes. Instead of starting to charge more for all of the patterns, I have decided to transfer all of the Knitting Doodle designs to Ravelry.

I will continue to use the Facebook page ( to roll-out new patterns, spark conversations and post some funnies.

Knitting Doodle designs have always been designed with beginning knitters in mind (or quick projects for experienced knitters) and that will not change.

The Knitting Doodle designs on Ravelry can be found at:

-or- just search The Knitting Doodle to find the designs.

The website will remain active to the end of the year, however the pattern store will be closed July 31, 2021. On the plus side, on Ravelry, more of my patterns are now free, and any that are 'for sale' are priced very moderately at $1 and $2 Cdn. They can be purchased directly on Ravelry ... so much easier!

Questions or comments? Leave them below or contact me at

There might even be one last Give-Away! Leave a comment (including the province, state, or country you live in) to be entered. Let's see how far and wide the Doodlers are!!

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