A doodle about ... Toby

So many of you have asked about my furry model and knitting companion. You asked, here's answers.

1) What's his name: Toby. When I was at the breeder choosing a pup, he was so cute and fluffy. I said to the breeder, "I'll take the little tubby one." Tubby ... Toby. It just worked. :-)

2) What breed is your dog? Toby is a Shichon -- a cross of a ShihTzu and a Bichon Friese. It's a small breed, weighing in at 8-10 kgs (18-22 pounds). The breed is especially suited to condo or apartment living because they are small, non-shedding and rarely bark. I'll repeat that .... rarely bark! I live in a condo and Toby had lived with me for 2 years before my immediate neighbour realized I have a dog!

3) How do you get your pup to pose? Getting Toby to pose is a real challenge. In general, he poses for the camera when HE decides to. It takes many attempts to get a decent pic ... and even then, he often has a look that let's you know he is humouring you! LOL!

4) Does his fur get into your knitting? Not really, because he doesn't shed. Shichons have hair, not fur. It grows at the same rate human hair does, and "sheds" about the same as your own hair does. Because it grows, he needs regularly grooming. If I let it grow, it could reach the floor. Because it is hair, he does not have a "double-coat" like furred dogs. That means he gets cold. Just like your head gets cold in winter, his "scalp" is his entire body and is sensitive to cold, so it's necessary to put a coat on him in the winter.

I know lots of you have a furry knitting companion ... head over to our Facebook Group page, Doodlers, and share a pic of your furry knitting companion!

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