A doodle about .... scraps

Ah, February. Sneaks up on you, doesn’t it?! You’ve taken January to recover from the holidays and to take a break from all the busyness and frantic knitting to get gifts done. Whew!

But here you are half-way through February and your fingers are itching to maybe start knitting again. If you’re like me, you’ve looked in your knitting basket and found odds and ends, bits and pieces of yarn skeins from all those Christmas projects. I decided to use up those bits and pieces for round pads. I also decided to come up with a very easy pattern to knit round pads. I have previously published a spiral dishcloth pattern, which is more challenging. This pattern is very plain, very simple and very quick to knit up. It’s a great project for anyone just starting to learn to knit short-rows.

You can knit these from cotton for a dishcloth if you’d like. I decided to use up acrylic and wool odds and ends to make bowl cushions and planter pads. I use a lot of glass and ceramic bowls and like to protect them from scratching and chipping. Knit cushions between the bowls is a great solution.

The finished size of this round pad pattern is approximately 7” in diameter. But if you’d like a different size it can be altered very easily. To increase the finished size just add 2 stitches to the cast-on number for every ½” increase desired. Ex: the pattern calls for a 15-stitch cast-on. To make the finished size 7½“ in diameter, add 2 stitches for a cast-on of 17 stitches.

The shape can also be altered to create an actual bowl shape. To make the finished pad into a bowl, just knit 7 sections instead of 8! The fun of this pattern is the may ways of making it just what you want or need. BONUS: the pattern is free through March 14, 2021 using the promo-code: FebFree !!

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