A doodle about ... mistakes

Every now and then a mistake is actually a good thing! Over the years I have collected a number of books of knitting stitches. I was cruising through them to find a subtle, yet interesting pattern stitch to use on a vest. I came across the “Alternating Andalusian” stitch and decided to knit a swatch to test it out.

The book was cumbersome to keep open, so I jotted down the 8-row pattern and happily started my swatch. Three or four inches in I held it out to have a look at it. Hmm … didn’t exactly look like the picture in the book. It was close … but not exactly the same.

I checked the book’s instructions against what I had written down. Yeah … I wrote rows 2 and 6 differently. I pondered the picture in the book and my swatch and discovered my happy mistake. I really liked the variation I knit! I went through all my stitch books have not found the pattern I did.

Here’s is my quandary: what will I call it? Have a look and offer your suggestions for what to call this stitch pattern. I welcome your creativity.

I've added a new dishcloth pattern using this stitch. Look for Wafel Doek (KB-020) in the Pattern shop!

For those wondering, here are some of the stitch books I regularly refer to when designing:

1) The Knitting Stitch Bible (Maria Parry-Jones) - graphed instructions only

2) 400 Knitting Stitches (Potter Craft) - written and graphed instructions

3) 750 Knitting Stitches: the Ultimate Knit Stitch Bible (Pavillion) - written instructions and graphed instruction for colorwork

4) The Complete Photo Guide to Knitting (Margaret Hubert) - written instructions with some patterns included that use the illustrated stitches.

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