a Doodle about ... learning.

December, as for most people, is a rush of shopping, making, baking, visiting and decorating. It's a month in which I inevitably have no time or energy to design. So I usually don't have a new pattern to offer for January. My apologies ... life does happen despite our best efforts! LOL!

But I do have a challenge to offer. I like to take some time in January to learn a new technique, or try a pattern to learn a new method of construction, or learn how new yarns work up and feel. My challenge to all Doodlers for January: Try something new this month! The real challenge though, is to post a pic and tell us about the learning process. You can post it here as a "comment" ... or ... you can join the Doodlers Faceboook group and post it there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/317227725918017

My personal challenge this month: conquer "tawashi" scrubbers. What is a tawashi? Tawashis originate from Japan. They are eco-friendly knitted or crocheted sponges used to clean without detergent ... or with minimal detergent. On top of being eco-friendly, they last way longer than the traditional sponges we are used to. And you can throw it in the washing machine and dryer as soon as it gets dirty.

The tawashi style I chose is simple to knit and deceptively confusing to fold and sew together - it's a combination of knitting and origami! I'm trying different fibres, colour combinations and testing them as actual scrubbers. So far I have discovered cotton is fine for wiping hard surfaces such as counters, dishes, etc. Acrylic offers a softer scrub that works great on glass surfaces. Bamboo makes a lovely face and skin tawashi.

Can't wait to see what projects you all try!

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