A doodle about ... lace

Aaahhh! Do the words 'knitted lace" have you running in the opposite direction? The idea of knitting lace can be quite intimidating, especially to new knitters. Visions of superfine yarn and intricate patterns can scare off the best of us.

Knitted lace patterns can be done with all size of yarn and needles. It's really just a pattern of knit togethers and yarn overs in interesting sequence. Anyone can do it if they just take it row by row, use lots of markers ;-) and listen to calming music. Okay, maybe music is not crucial to the success of your lace knitting. But it doesn't hurt!

This month, I've designed a shaped cowl with a simple lace edge. The "lace" work is only 12 rows at the beginning of the piece so it's a great starter project.

Have fun plying with sticks and string!

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