A doodle about ... just slippers

I recently spent a few weeks visiting my sister. Coming from a condo with heated floors, I quickly regretted not packing some slippers. So, of course I took yarn and needles in hand and knit up a pair from a pattern that I've fallen back on soooo many times. I have no idea where the original pattern came from ... I think my mom may have sent it to me 20+ years ago.

After I finished them, my sister slipped them on and 'oohed' over how comfy and cushy they were. I saw right away that those slippers were probably not coming off her feet, so I started a second pair. She was looking for something small to knit, so I wrote out the pattern for her and we raided her stash and set our needles clicking.

As we chatted we sometimes lost track of where we were in the SIMPLE pattern and made an error. I made the comment, "Don't worry about it. They are JUST SLIPPERS." That became a running comment / joke through out weeks.

Made an error in your knitting? "Don't worry about it. They are JUST SLIPPERS."

Dropped your cookie on the floor? "Don't worry about it. They are JUST SLIPPERS."

Left the laundry in the washer overnight? "Don't worry about it. They are JUST SLIPPERS."

So, if you're looking for a quick stocking stuffer, knit up a pair of these cushy toe warmers. They are quick, and easy and warm and comfy and nothing to stress over because ... they are JUST SLIPPERS!!

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