A doodle about ... headbands

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Not everyone likes to wear hats even though they need to keep those ears warm. Solution: knitted headbands!

May 2020 Pattern Release

I'm one of those people who LOVES to knit hats ... but never wears one myself. Still, on a cold spring, winter or fall day my ears can suffer in the cold. For this month's pattern I designed a pretty lattice work headband.

Most of my designs are fairly easy and designed with beginner knitters in mind. As always I try to bring patterns that are small and easy to complete. There's nothing more satisfying than a completed project. :-)

Having said that, this is not a beginner pattern. It is an intermediate level pattern because it requires a cable needle and cable techniques. I used Lionbrand Heartland yarn. It is a soft, 100% acrylic yarn that keeps shape wonderfully even after washing and drying. Heartland colours are earthy and have a slightly tweedy look, giving your completed project a very "finished" look.

I hope you enjoy this pattern. Have fun playing with sticks and string!

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