A doodle about ... harfs

What would you call it? It's a hat but it's also a scarf. So, its a "harf"! Or maybe a "scat"?!

Whatever you call it, it's the perfect marriage of design and functionality. The "harf" has a simple hat with long tails that keep the neck warm and cozy and protected from the wind. Bonus: your child is less likely to lose their scarf, which my grandkids did too often.

My furry housemate reluctantly acted as my model for this since I don't have any young children living with me. He is, as I already said, a reluctant model.

This "harf" is knit in a soft acrylic making it hypo-allergenic, washable and dryable. The required amount of yarn is approximately 180 yds making it a possible One-Skein Wonder.

So grab a skein and have fun playing with sticks and string.

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