A doodle about .... candy!

November is here! That means it's time to get going on those smaller gifts. I like to have small gifts of hats, scarfs or slippers on hand for that person I totally forgot about! This year I decided to design easy slippers based on classic Christmas candies.

These slippers are EASY, FAST and totally customizable. Your imagination is your only limitation. I added jingle bells to mine for a cheerful little sound with each step.

Knit with #4 worsted weight yarn and using a smaller needle (4mm) you get a tight firm garter stitch that is cushy and durable. I chose inexpensive acrylic yarn. Think the bargain stuff at Michael's or Walmart. Inexpensive yarn is coarser because it is wound using a lower quality acrylic fibre. That coarseness makes your slippers a bit more durable. .. not to mention easy on the wallet! LOL! The pattern includes instructions for getting the perfect length on your slippers.

Bonus: the pattern is free for the month of November. Look for a promo-code in the description: Christmas Candy Slippers

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