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Hi!  I’m Karen – a passionate, curious knitter, living in the wonderful city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I’m fascinated with trying out new techniques and stitches.  I love the look and feel of yarn and the plethora of colours and textures.

I began designing my own patterns years ago, and started making them available to the public in 2010.  I like designing small, fairly simple knitted items – things a knitter of almost any level of experience can make.  With the jump from a simple knitting blog to a full-blown website, I decided to focus the site at beginning and intermediate knitters. I am slowly adding more and more content in-between my knitting, work, my dog, kids, my grandkids and life in general!

A special note of thanks goes to my mother who patiently taught me to knit and crochet when I was only 11 or 12.  She gave me the gift of a lifetime of pleasure and creativity.

Why us?

The Knitting Doodle began after hearing complaints from so many new knitters that most knitting websites were way beyond their understanding and ability.  That's why the projects are small, simpler projects often highlighting a specific technique.